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Telemedicine: How It Changing The Healthcare

Everybody is using a term in these days, The Telemedicine. Now the first question comes in mind what is Telemedicine and how it is so useful in healthcare industry.

Let’s Understand What Telemedicine Is:

Telemedicine helps the healthcare experts to treat, evaluate the patience at a distance through telecommunications technology. This has been god boon for the healthcare professional and patience too. Now Telemedicine made paperless work and made independent the both the doctor and patience. Now healthcare expert can use the e-prescription and patience can book their appointment directly through he telemedicine. It is becoming an increasingly important part of the American healthcare infrastructure.

Telemedicine is changing the Healthcare IT:

Here’s a look at the ways that telemedicine is changing the healthcare:

Diagnose and Treat Strokes Faster: The stroke victim needs the treatment sooner that made the better chances of survival. With the help of telemedicine doctor may help the patience on the spot without reaching there. In other cases treatment hinges on the capability to identify key symptoms and administer medicine known as tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) within three to five hours of suffering a stroke. Unfortunately, emergency room physicians don’t always have the expertise to make these decisions, and small or rural hospitals don’t always have a neurologist on call. Videoconferencing led to more accurate diagnoses and treatments than telephone conversations in the Imperial Valley of California and in Boston.

Provide ICU Physicians, Nurses a Second Set of Eyes: Telemedicine technology is increasingly making its way into the impassable care unit. Now telemedicine provide the doctor the second hand eyes and with this doctors and nurses can keep an eye while during the others patience’s treatment. for nurses or physicians who must treat several patients at once amid alarms and other distractions that may make them miss a medication dose, sudden change in blood pressure or other important signal.

Patients Rehab at Home:


There are certain cases, where serious patients find it difficulties to travel to a healthcare facility.

Telemedicine Technology works there. Providing patients with online resources and remotely monitoring a patients’ pedometer readings to ensure that an exercise regimen is up to par.

Telemedicine Risk Management: Telemedicine Technology plays the vital role in healthcare IT but it has risks too. Both patients and physicians must have appropriate hardware and software security in place to ensure the safe transmission of PHI and PII such as a Social Security Numbers and detailed medical records. Your organization’s telemedicine risk management strategies, then, need to address numerous issues.

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