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What Do You Know About Full Stack Development

Full stack development is an extensive word that umbrellas various stages of web development such as ‘project management, front end as well as back end technologies, database management system, and quality assurance.
Front end technologies are the outer covers through which you interact with, while the back end is a server side technology that (user can’t see in the browser) handles the user authentication, database interactions, logic, server authentication to name a few.
Digging deep, let’s distill down and understand the front end and back end technologies on the layers of the type of programming languages/frameworks involved in it.

1. Technologies Encapsulating the Frontend

The most commonly used front end technologies are:
HTML is the foundation of any website development process. It’s the building block that turns the text into images, tables, and links. The latest version of HTML is HTML5.
A scripting language used to enhance the look and feel of HTML pages by infusing rich and interactive effects. It is commonly found embedded in HTML code.
It is a JavaScript based open source structural framework built for dynamic web apps, beautiful web interfaces, and large scale/ high-performance applications.
Node JS is an open source, server side platform wrapped around the JavaScript language for building scalable, event driven applications.
It is a fast and flexible JavaScript library maintained by Facebook and Instagram that enables us to efficiently build dynamic user experiences.
Visual Basic Script is a component based scripting language developed by Microsoft. It enhances wen functionality with lightweight speed.
jQuery is a concise and fast JavaScript library that simplifies the HTML’s client side scripting and can be used to simplify event handling, HTML document traversing, Ajax interactions and animation for speedy website development.
Bootstrap contains HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.
Other than this there are other frontend technologies like Ember JS and Material UI as well.

2. Technologies behind Back End

As discussed in the opening paragraph, backend or server side technologies are responsible for how the site works updates and changes. The most hard-hitting backend programming languages are:
Counted as the most popular language for web development, PHP’s syntax is quite similar to C and Java. The classic and popular frameworks for PHP are Zend Framework and Symphony.
Probably, a simpler syntax than PHP, Python is designed to have a legible code and is well tested. The most popular framework for Python is Django.
Designed to be a fun language, Ruby is often called as a programmer’s best friend. Twitter was built using Ruby. The most popular framework for Ruby is ‘Ruby on Rails’.
Designed to be concise, many of Scala’s design decisions are aimed to address criticisms of Java. Scala is an object-oriented and runs on Java platform.
Node.js (and JavaScript)
Node.js is an open source, cross platform Java script runtime environment used for executing JavaScript code server side. It’s best known to build real time Web APIs.

3. Database Management System

MySQL is the most popular DBMS for websites. The other names in the database field are SQL Server, Oracle or DB2.

4. Quality Assurance

Full stack development also includes quality assurance and testing responsibilities. In this stage, engineers oversee the entire development process, from start to finish and check the security concerns, bugs throughout the program.
This was the breadth and depth of full stack development that comes with a fulltime service of full stack developer or full stacks Web Development Company. Right from the project analysis, UI UX design, and front and backend development to Quality Assurance this promising line says it all.
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“At Dreamsoft4u, we know that remarkable customer support is an absolute must, and that’s why our support team takes client feedback, implementation and training seriously. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with new clients to quickly set up systems and complete data conversions – minimizing the pain and maximizing the results, and we’re with you every step of the way.
If you’re looking for a Full Stack Development Company, don’t leave things up to luck! Contact Dreamsoft4u, to schedule a free demo and learn why we’re the right choice for the web development industry.”
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7 Tips For Choosing Right IOS App Development Company In USA

These days, mobile operating systems are giving a tough fight to each other in order to stand out in the highly-competitive smartphone market. In terms of popularity and sales, Apple’s iOS comes at second position, after Android. The operating system currently powers many of the Apple mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The immense popularity and super-exciting in-built features of iOS make it the second best mobile operating system for the mobile apps development.

As of January 2015, Apple’s App Store contained more than 1.4 million iOS applications, 725,000 of which are native for iPads. These mobile apps have collectively been downloaded more than 100 billion times and for this reason, getting an app developed on iOS platform is a great opportunity to earn huge profits. As a client, you just need to choose the right iOS app development company of your region. For example, if you live in United States, just find out a best iOS app development company in USA that specializes in developing high-quality apps according to clients’ requirements and deliver them maximum ROI.

Here are 7 great tips to help you choose the right iOS development company in USA.

Technical Know-How
Make sure that the developers of the iOS app development company have sound technical know-how of latest iOS tools and technologies including Xcode, Cocoa framework, Objective C, and Swift. The developers also need to have strong domain expertise to develop iOS app for businesses related to various industries using the latest iOS techniques.
Experience in Business   
The company must have some years of experience in developing applications for iOS platform. Check out their portfolio to know the quality of iOS apps they have developed in the past.
Check iTunes Registration
Make sure the company you are going to choose is registered with iTunes, in advance. This ensures that the company has some experience in developing iOS apps and they might have published some applications based on the iOS platforms in the past.
Quick Turnaround Time
Make sure that the company has a proven track record of providing a quick turnaround time.

Make sure that the company is serious about the security and confidentiality of your project by providing you a secure server and signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) etc.
Clarity in Concepts
The right iOS development company in USA is the one that have a dedicated team of certified iOS developers with clarity in various iOS app development concepts to understand your needs perfectly.
Time/Cost Estimate
Always choose an iOS development company which is happy to give you an estimate of the app development time and cost in advance so that you can decide whether it comes under your budget or not.
All these tips will surely help you in choosing the right iOS app development company in USA.
Just make sure that the company you are choosing is willing to manage other aspects of app development as well (for e.g. app marketing) to maximum your ROI and enhance your brand awareness.
last words…
“At Dreamsoft4u , we know that remarkable customer support is an absolute must, and that’s why our support team takes client feedback, implementation and training seriously. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with new clients to quickly set up systems and complete data conversions – minimizing the pain and maximizing the results, and we’re with you every step of the way.
If you’re looking for the ios App Development Company across the globe for your Business, don’t leave things up to luck! Contact Dreamsoft4u  today to schedule a free demo and learn why we’re the right choice for the home care industry.”
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Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Android App Development Company

DreamSoft4u offers innovative and constructive android app development solutions for its clients. Being a leading android app development company, we are fully-equipped and experienced to work on any project for android, irrespective of the size and complexity.
Our on-board team of mobile app developers includes highly-energetic, enthusiastic, resourceful and proficient android app developers, who are committed to provide fully-customized android app solutions.
One of the many core strengths which set us apart from other android app development companies is the versatility of mobile app development team, which has developed countless android based apps for various businesses and clients, belonging to a wide range of industries.
We combine innovative concepts with revolutionary techniques to build superb android apps, which meet clients’ requirements in the most appropriate way. Delivering customer-centric services at the highly-competitive price is core strength of our android developers.
If you want meticulously-developed android applications meeting your expectations perfectly, then DreamSoft4u is the best place for you.
We commit revenue-focused services for our clients. Our result-oriented approach will surely make you happy with the fully-personalized and tailor-made output.
Blending creativity with ultra-modern technologies, we build the finest android-based apps for our clients. When it comes to quality, we make sure that your app is developed in accordance with latest android standards.
DreamSoft4u is perfectly balanced with the best industry professionals and hi-tech infrastructure to work as a leading android app development company. Make the most of our value for money services with our unrivaled experience. For estimates or queries, please contact our world-class android app development team.

Why Choose DreamSoft4u as your Android App Development Partner Company?

Our mobile app development team consist 45+ certified android app developers who are proficient in developing highly-engaging android apps that are not only robust, interactive and scalable but also fully-functional, optimized, and tailor-made to the specific requirements of clients and the target audience. With numerous versions and several screen resolutions of android operating system, our android app developers have successfully deployed 500+ apps on the Google Play Store (formerly known as the Android Market) for various android versions including Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow.
Our customer-centric android app development approach guarantees that all of our clients get unique android apps that not only stand out from the rest but also increase their brand visibility. You can count on our knowledge and experience to turn your app idea into a spectacular android app at a highly competitive price. Talk to our experts now!
Our Core Strengths
  • 6+ Years’ Experience in Android App Development
  • 45+ Professional Android App Developers
  • Development Methodology- Agile, Waterfall and Scrum
  • Android Experts Hiring – Dedicated hiring, Flexible and Project Base
  • Dedicated UI/UX experts
  • Full-customized android applications
  • Guaranteed approval on the Google Play Store
  • 26+ Industries Served
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured
  • 800+ Certified Clients in USA, UK, Australia and Other countries
  • 100% focus on mobile app development

Our Mobile App Development Process:

Conceptualization & Requirement Gathering:
App conceptualization and requirement gathering is the most important phase of the mobile app development process, wherein, the project team and stakeholders communicate to identify and understand project requirements, build multiple wireframes, and use cases and prototypes to describe each action that end-user will take on new application.
The app-testing on multiple devices, in multiple environments, ensures that the application is bug-free and functioning properly as per client’s requirements. The quality assurance makes sure that the application features a beautiful, user-friendly interface and provides a valuable experience to the end-user.
In designing phase, the system design and interface of your app is prepared by using latest designing tools. Our world-class designers are experts in creating beautiful and user-friendly app interface. They utilize their advanced UX skills to make your app more engaging.
Deployment is the final phase of mobile application development process, wherein, the app is launched to the relevant app store or market, for public consumption, after getting approval from the client.
This is the longest phase of app development wherein the work is divided into modules and units, and the actual code for the app functionality is written and implemented.
Maintenance & Support:
App maintenance and support is a continuous process, wherein, we collect feedback from the end-users and implement required changes for bug-fixing or improvements in the user-interface, functionalities, and security patches of the app.

Our Android App Development Offerings 

  • Android Enterprise App Development
  • Android-App Development for Wearable Devices
  • Android Health Care App Development
  • Android Fitness App Development
  • Android Tracking & Monitoring App Development
  • Android Entertainment App Development
  • Android Utility App Development
  • Android mCommerce App Development
  • Android Social Networking App Development
  • Android Dating App Development
  • Android eLearning & Education App Development
  • Android Live Streaming App Development
  • Android Navigation App Development
  • Android Gaming App Development
last words…
“At Dreamsoft4u , we know that remarkable customer support is an absolute must, and that’s why our support team takes client feedback, implementation and training seriously. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with new clients to quickly set up systems and complete data conversions – minimizing the pain and maximizing the results, and we’re with you every step of the way.
If you’re looking for a Android App Development Company for your business, don’t leave things up to luck! Contact Dreamsoft4u  today to schedule a free demo and learn why we’re the right choice for the home care industry.”
Contact Us – (+1)-949-340-7490 | Mail at

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How To Choose An IPhone App Development Company For Your Business

We help you to connect with more iPhone users by ensuring that your app not only reflects your niche perfectly but also achieve your business objectives.

DreamSoft4u specializes in custom iPhone app design and development. As a customer-centric ios app development company, we have earned countless positive client-reviews for building apps with interactive features, robustness, fully optimized code, scalable performance and interoperable application development.
For developing best iPhone applications, the developers need to have a deep insight in to the industry and a clear understanding of the business needs of the clients. Clearly defining the functionalities and features required by the client helps the developers customize the application as per the requirements of the clients.
DreamSoft4u’s iPhone development team deals with clients from the horizon, understands the concept of the development and arrives to a final outcome with accommodated changes ensuring a high quality solution.
To develop the best iPhone application, our team deals with client to understanding the concept of the project and final outcome of the application that will to our customers to grow their organization as well as goals. Throughout the app development process, we make sure to our customers about the application; not only fulfills its purpose but also performs well on the App store.
Throughout the app development process, we make sure to our clients to fulfill their purpose to develop the application as well performance on iPhone mobiles.
Our certified iPhone app developers are flexible to deliver the application on time with 100% client satisfaction.
Our App development Process:

Conceptualization: Our mobile strategists collect and analyze your app concept and brainstorm to generate new ideas or improvements to your concept/existing app. Once your app concept is finalized, they document its functionalities, set app development time, and forward their work to the UI/UX design team.

Design: Our UI/UX designers create an initial design of your app and send it for your approval/feedback.  Based on your feedback, they implement the changes and send back the revised design for approval. The process of implementing design changes continues until the final design is approved/ready. The documentation of the design team work is forwarded to the development team for coding.
Development: Our developers further start programming to create/develop the user-interface and functional requirements of your app. The documentation of the development team’s work goes into the prototyping phase.
Prototyping: Our quality analysts test the functional requirements of each prototype and send it for your feedback. Depending on your feedback, they implement the changes, integrate it with the first prototype, and sent it again for your feedback after testing and analyzing. The development, prototyping and testing is repeated until the final prototype is ready.
Testing: The final prototype is tested first on an emulator/simulator available in the SDK and then on the real device. The test cases documentation is sent your feedback.
Launching: After getting the approval on the test cases documentation, the app is launched to the appropriate app store or market for the user consumption.

Why DreamSoft4u is the best iPhone app development company for you?

Our on-board team of 40+ certified iOS developers has over 15 years of combined experience in developing secure and scalable custom apps for multiple industries including enterprises, healthcare IT, hotels and hospitality, fitness and sports, and ecommerce companies. We have a proven track record of delivering iPhone apps which not only meet our clients’ business objectives but also scale to satisfy their user demands. So whatever your app concept, we have all the knowledge and expertise to transform it into a flawless iPhone app.

Benefits of Choosing DreamSoft4U for your iPhone App Project

  • 15+ Years of Combined Experience
  • State-of-the-Art Development Center
  • Proficiency in Latest iOS Technology
  • 40+ Full Time Certified iOS Developers & UI/UX Designers
  • Dedicated iPhone Project Manager
  • Fully Customized iPhone App Development
  • App developed as per all Apple guidelines
  • App Tested on real iOS devices
  • Guaranteed Approval of App on The App Store
  • Round the Clock Support
  • Seamless Communication via Phone/Skype/Chat/Email
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our iPhone App Development Offerings

  • Custom/Bespoke iPhone App Development
  • Native and Hybrid App Development for iOS
  • iPhone App UI/UX Design
  • iPhone App Upgrade and Monetization
  • App Migration to iOS
  • iPhone App Testing & Porting
  • iPhone App Support & Maintenance
  • App Development Apple Watch
  • App Development for iOS Compatible Wearable Devices
  • mCommerce App Development for iPhone
  • Enterprise App Development for iPhone
  • Social App Development for iPhone
  • iPhone Widget Development
  • iPhone Game Development
last words…
“At Dreamsoft4u , we know that remarkable customer support is an absolute must, and that’s why our support team takes client feedback, implementation and training seriously. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with new clients to quickly set up systems and complete data conversions – minimizing the pain and maximizing the results, and we’re with you every step of the way.
If you’re looking for the ios App Development Company across the globe for your Business, don’t leave things up to luck! Contact Dreamsoft4u  today to schedule a free demo and learn why we’re the right choice for the home care industry.”
Contact Us – (+1)-949-340-7490 | Mail at

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10 Web Development Tips to Better Your Website Success

The most common mistake any company or individual can make when venturing out on a new website project is to assume that design is everything. I can assure you that your website’s design on its own is not what will make you successful.

A quality and professional web development service is what will affect the success of your site and its online objectives. High standards (above industry) are developed for a reason, and that is to ensure the product and service you receive is of paramount quality and to a professional level, so that your website will function as intended and provide the right return on investment.

Too many businesses that are relying on the success of their website to help drive their business will bypass the crucial step of dealing with a professional development company based on price.
In this article I will reveal 10 tips to choose the right development company and how it will better your project’s success.

10 Tips to Choose the Right Web DevelopmentCompany

Track Record – Choose a company that has an established track record. Generally a web company that has more than 15+ websites that they have designed or developed in-house with case studies to show their achievements. Any qualifications or awards won will also help establish this.

Methodology– Ensure your chosen company has a strong web development methodology or process. This means that when your chosen company develops your website you can track the progress of your project and ensure all key quality standards are covered.

Usability– Design does play a heavy role in the development of your web project. Ensure the company you choose has strong visitor usability and user-friendly interaction knowledge. Usability is how visitors will interact with your website and how effectively they reach your end goal.

DevelopmentTeam – The company you choose should have an in-house development team. Don’t use a company that is going to send your project work off to another country or other out-sourced web companies. You don’t want to be chasing an invisible rabbit down a hole should things be affected by an unforeseen event.

DesignTeam – Your web company ideally should have an in-house design team, unless you are dealing with another individual or company for design. This tip relates to tip 3, if your web company has a designer in-house this will better the success of the project as the development will mirror the design better and its objectives.

SEO – Choose a web development company that has an understanding of search engine optimization. Another important factor to any web projects success is making sure the company you deal with know about SEO and how it will affect your website.

Social Media – Social media is a new form of marketing and can drive great results. Dealing with a web developer that understands this can help you drive better traffic and alternative forms of login.This tip applies to socially active websites and e-commerce based projects.

Content– Content is the biggest thing that pushes your website and draws in your visitors. Content will be the main thing that will sell your services or product, the company you deal with should have good development techniques to structure content effectively.

E-commerceChoose a web development company that has e-commerce experience. E-commerce is fast becoming the biggest way to make money online, how your customers make payments is very important. Make sure you deal with a development company that can recommend and implement the best payment methods available.
Support– The most important tip to date, your development company must be able to support you as a customer and provide ongoing maintenance and service. Work with a company that is going to be around a year from the time you employ them, too many customers I have met have been left in limbo because the company or individual they were dealing with has gone bust or skipped the country to leave you in the middle of nowhere.

In summary there are a number of aspects to take into consideration before making your web developer choice. I am confident this article with the above 10 tips will help you qualify the best company to deal with for your new web project.

The majority of the 10 tips should already be covered by your chosen development company, but it does not hurt you to double-check. I highly recommend you ask your chosen company questions based on my 10 tips above, this will help establish them as the right business to deal with.

All successful web projects are a result of planning and evaluating, failing to plan and evaluate your development choices could mean failure of your website.

last words… 

Dreamsoft4u, a Best Web Development Company in USA deals with the India & USA based clients. In our web service we are specialized in healthcare software solution and Healthcare IT service. 

We also provide the digital marketing services at the very efficient prices. Just visit the official website or through the Official mail and get our services. 

Contact Us – (+1)-949-340-7490 | Mail at 

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