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Case Study of Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has changed the way to manage the medical health record. EMR has shaped the healthcare/medical industry as it allows doctors or hospitals to keep all information or data in one place which is also easy to share records between clinics or doctors. These systems are relatively new and as organizations work to implement the systems, the way EMR’s are used will continue to change and evolve.
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Electronic Medical Record System helps for

  • Reducing cost of maintaining the records for each patient and save papers.
  • Raise the income by using chart rooms for Examinations.
  • Results are more accurate as EMR software use coding feature.
  • Ensure interval time utilized properly for all patients as well as Medical Practioner.
  • Results are made available in very short durations to patients and saves courier cost.

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EMR software Development include below main modules

  • Demographics of Patient
  • Patient Appointment Scheduler
  • Clinical history with records of patient’s every visit
  • Medical Billing software
  • Document Manager
  • All-inclusive Reports
  • Integrations with other applications
  • Reports with the Progress Notes
  • Assist to the physician by Prescription Writer
  • Records the Lab Orders

Our Healthcare Software Development Solutions

  • Assistive Technology
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR)
  • E-prescribing (eRx)
  • Health Information Exchange
  • HIS & Practice Management Software
  • HL7 Interface
  • Iguana
  • Mirth Connect
  • Pharmacy Management & Specialty Pharma
  • RCM & Medical Billing
  • Telemedicine / Telehealth
  • Veterinary

Dreamsoft4u’s EMR & EHR Integration Solutions

EHR and EMR Software Solutions

As EMR & EHR Integration, We develop Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software for medical practices and its networks. Our software tactics includes secure database management system, reliable patient portal, robust network architecture, comprehensive charting management features, integrations with evidence-based tools, and intuitive user interfaces for PCs and mobile devices.

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EMR and EHR Implementation Services

With EMR & EHR imlementation services, We engage in a comprehensive management of implementation operations, beginning with the evaluation of legacy medical records systems and encompassing data migration (plus paper-based chart abstraction), pilot testing, user training, and continuous quality improvements of always-connected devices.

EHR and EMR Mobile App Development

In our EHR and EMR Mobile App Development, we implement Real-time access, cross-platform, editing of EMRs and EHRs by implementing ambulatory, mobile software. We program user-friendly interfaces as well as lab results, radiology images, treatment plans, physician notes, nursing instructions, and billing information in order to improve quality of care.

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Certified EHR Systems

Our highly experinced healthcare managemanet software developers enable electronic reporting of Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) of Meaningful Use (MU) in order to receive Quality Payment Program (QPP) benefits. Our medical software ensures the secure transfer of patient information by leveraging certified SSL and TLS encryptions for role-based authentication.

EHR Integration Services

Our FHIR Interoperability Solutions for interfacing EMR & EHR software Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Practice Management Systems (PMS) and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS). We program modules for e-prescribing (e-Rx), E/M coding, and billing, as well as scheduling procedures and lab services.

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PHR Software Development

We program Personal Health Record (PHR) software and web applications. We enable patients to easily maintain records of personal and family medical histories, chronic illnesses, and Observations of Daily Living (ODLs). We design PHR programs with modules for communicating with physicians via a patient portal, integrating wearable devices, self-scheduling appointments.

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Case Study of Medical Billing Software

You can be the vehicle your clients drive for engagement, mobility, and patient experience while increasing their revenue, productivity, and workflow. Our medical billing solutions are primarily aimed at avoiding error rates & improving the claim-ratio. It enables the users to exercise better control over their revenue cycles & accounts receivables.

The Need for Medical Billing Software

The Clinic was looking for healthcare software development to simplify its billing process, which was then person dependent and allowed no control on stocked medicine, overstocking, pilferages, etc.

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The Medical Billing Software Solution

Dreamsoft4u’s Medical Billing Software helped to improve the medical store maintenance and their billing activity. It also improved the hospital’s Administrative Work by creating a pharmacy & medical billing software solution. The modules were aimed to improve the efficiency of the store operation by better control and monitoring of the inventory of medicines. The medical billing software module also facilitated in faster and better service to the patients thus improving the good will of the hospital in terms of service.

Case Study of Medical Billing Software

  • Software Product Design
  • Collaborative Product Discovery
  • Visual Design
  • UX Design
  • Automated Testing
    The medical billing process is a complex interplay between doctors, hospitals, patients, and insurance companies. Our client facilitates that process for their medical practice customers. Parts of the billing process are performed manually, so our client engaged SEP to improve a key area of the process: the portal through which their customers pay and receive payment for patient bills. They process 80 million transactions per year, each with hundreds of pieces of data. The new web portal needed to increase automation so that our client’s customers have better insight into their billing workflow and spend less time manually processing payments.
    • The activities of bill generating become so fast, convenient and accurate.
    • The rate of generating the bills increased, which reduced the line of the patients.
    • The data record was managed of all the saleable/non-saleable store items, those issued to different sub-stations and those sold to patients; along with their prices, batch numbers, expiry dates, storage instructions, etc.
    • Appropriate alerts were generated when particular items in the hospital were nearing expiry or nearing re-order level.
    • The management were able to get a true picture about the profit/loss making position of the hospital from its stores activity
      • The team at Dreamsoft4u replicated the customer’s onshore process to ensure a seamless transition to offshore operations
      • We provided the customer with a dedicated staffer to handle 7 to 8 patient demographics and charge entry files a month
      • By the 2nd month, we were able to process more than 150 files with an error rate below 2%
      • We also provided the customer with a QA team experienced in payment posting
      • This QA team audited all the charge sheets and processed files
      • We sent the customer regular status reports with details about the number of files in processing and the reasons for the delays
        We started our engagement with a series of Discovery sessions. Together, we distilled the needs of the new portal and built a focused backlog. To determine what parts of the billing process we would focus on, we used activities like event storming. It helped us understand where technology and human interaction bridge together through the process. We also facilitated Design Studios with key subject matter experts several times throughout our engagement. These discussions allowed us to deepen our domain knowledge quickly and ensure we were meeting stakeholder needs. These Design Studios solidified our project motto: improve clarity. Each time we improved clarity, we removed a lot of problems for our client and their customers.
        • The customer was extremely satisfied with our work and decided to outsource their entire medical billing process to us, including insurance calling, charge entry, patient demographics, patient calling and payment posting
        • The Dreamsoft4u team is now successfully handling all the medical billing operations for this customer
        • We now have more than 50 full-time employees who work on this project
        • We now process over a million files on a monthly basis, with an error rate of less than 2%

          1. Privacy Restrictions Must Be Balanced With Usability Requirements

          he development of electronic health records has made patient privacy a top concern of end-users, healthcare organizations, and governments. Governments have created laws (HIPAA, PHIPA) that impose penalties on organizations that fail to protect their electronic data from misuse. These laws are, in turn, applied to other organizations involved the electronic exchange of health information. In 2009, for example, the HITECH act mandated compliance with HIPAA for all covered entities.

          mplementing access control is relatively straightforward. Access control restricts actions such as viewing, editing or deleting data elements. Typically, access control is implemented by user role so that all users of a particular role all have the same privileges.

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          There are two basic design approaches for role-based access control:

          1. Access control policies are loaded per page or screen
          2. Access control policies are loaded once per user session

          The first approach requires more frequent database access but results in more dynamic access control behavior. Here, although user privileges can be revoked or granted instantly, the need for loading the access control policies can slow down the server especially when there are many concurrent users. The second approach suffers from a lack of control over access policies, since a user can have his privileges revoked but still be allowed to continue until the end of his session. Either of these policies, however, would be sufficient to address the access control requirements of HIPAA law and even CCHIT certification in the case of electronic medical records.

          2. Doctors Have No Patience For Software That Doesn’t Save Them Time

          Software developers often create systems without considering the time restrictions healthcare practitioners face. In today’s hospitals, healthcare workers are dealing with growing patient waiting lists and need to be able to get their jobs done as efficiently as possible. They can’t afford to wait for software and will be unwilling to do so.

          To avoid the example scenario, designers of a new system would have needed to be aware of the doctor’s desire to get clinical paperwork out of the way as quickly as possible. The system should not have halted the data transfer when the clinical case was closed.

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          More generally, software systems in healthcare domains need to be very responsive and inform the user about what the application is doing. In a system with long-running tasks or data transfers, make sure to ask yourself the following questions:

          3. Validation Is Far More Important Than Verification

          Developers often think application crashes are the most serious problem a healthcare program can exhibit. While a crash is obviously not an ideal outcome, hospital processes are well established to deal with software crashes. Of far greater inconvenience is an application that makes a clinical worker’s job more difficult while behaving as designed.

          Problems like those described above can be avoided if they are identified through a rigorous software validation process. This validation period must also be used to test all exceptional and rare (from a healthcare viewpoint) cases so the application can be sure to integrate into the environment in even the most unusual circumstances.

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          A good software validation process will catch these problems before too much development work has been completed. Moreover, an agile software development process can be appropriate for certain types of healthcare application development, such as patient management and EMR software development. With an agile process, the application can be tested and deployed at various milestones of the development cycle. An agile process allows for more opportunities to perform software validation and ensures it is conducted early in the project life-cycle.

          4. Input Validation Should Not Block Users

          CHALLENGE Many healthcare applications deal with data entry, and the methods through which data is validated are important software development considerations. In short, treatment cannot be withheld because of the requirements of a software application.

          Good healthcare applications keep the number of required fields to a minimum, ensure only the most important information is required, or give users the option to skip the input field. When a patient is undergoing a test or is sitting in a consultation room, information may not be known and the delivery of care must be allowed to proceed.
          To summarize, effective input validation in a healthcare environment should follow these input validation best practices:

          5. Hospital Processes Are Highly Collaborative and Asynchronous

          Hospitals and clinics contain a large number of autonomous individuals all working to deliver healthcare. There is opportunity for collaboration, but work almost always takes place between caregiver and patient. When a difficult case presents itself, multiple staff members may participate to gain experience, but for common, routine cases work can normally be done without discussion.

          Traditionally, a piece of paper has been used to synchronize team members. If you had the piece of paper, it meant you were the one who had to work. However, since it would take a while before the paper arrived on your desk, getting the paper implied you had to do a lot of work, and as soon as possible. It is much more efficient to let people work when they want, and do as much work as they want.

          6. Supporting Interoperability Standards Is Tougher Than It Looks

          Most healthcare applications need to interface with external systems. Since these interfaces are usually complex, standards have been developed to simplify the process.

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          Implementing code that adheres to the standards requires a lot of time, and is often a source of overruns and rework. It is crucial to ensure the design and implementation of interchangeability standards is carefully planned and estimated.

          The first step to ensure the interchangeability standards code is well-planned and well-estimated is to account for all the possible tasks that will be required of the software team during implementation. These can include:

          7. Not All Clinical Users Are Doctors And Nurses

          Developers often focus on the needs of doctors and nurses since, traditionally; these are the most difficult groups to please. Doctors and nurses are most pressed for time, and their actions most directly affect the quality of patient care. There are, however, other groups of users who will directly or indirectly use a healthcare application. These include:
          Often, physicians are the ones who request the development of an application and are the only ones contributing to the requirements. When the software is released, however, it can fail to deliver an improvement in the hospital’s process because it does not deliver what is needed to all those who need it.

          Software teams need to be sure to not only satisfy the requirements of healthcare providers, but also of users who may not use the application directly but who still depend on it to get their work done. It is important to consider those who can benefit “downstream” from the data collected by the application. Be sure to have a usability expert with healthcare experience on hand who can help you ask the right questions, and obtain the right requirements from all the people affected by hospital processes. This process is known by usability experts as “stakeholder identification.”

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          A usability expert can help you model the people, groups, and institutions that contribute to or will be affected by a change to hospital processes. These experts can also identify the array of user personas within an organization to help you solidify your understanding of who, exactly, will use the application. With a solid understanding of all potential users and their needs, you will be better positioned to deliver relevant, useful software that solves the problems of the healthcare organization as a whole.

          Not only will this build your reputation as a trusted software development partner, it can help the organization justify its software development costs and ensure value is being delivered across the organization.

          Why us?

          We rely on our strong understanding of healthcare workflows to build robust and secure systems which are HIPAA & ICD-10 compliant. We can be your software development partner if:
          • You are a provider looking for an in-house software to gain better control over your billing cycle
          • Want to replace an outdated system or upgrade it
          • You are a specialist with specific functional requirements to meet
          • You are a third-party service provider
            Based upon your need, solutions offered can be either on-premise or web-based. They can also be stand-one or integrated with your Practice Management and/or EHR systems.

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            Case Study of KayaWell – Online Healthcare Solution

            Kayawell, a Community Based Online Healthcare Solution. It’s an all in one healthcare platform which provides the best online community based medical services instantly. It’s is a platform to pair with holistic health experts via different channels. Patient can save time & money and gets-well fast, along with good expertise.
            It focuses working with Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors to serve the community & achieve their objectives by delivering live experiences that engage audiences and creating messages that sticks.

            Healthcare Services Provided by KayaWell

            01. Find Doctors & Book Appointment
            Users can find the nearby doctor in the city and book appointment. Users just need to search Physician nearby using filters and Kayawell provide the list of doctors available at nearby location.
            02. Order Medication
            Users can find nearby pharmacies online and can order medicines on the platform itself, also users can upload prescriptions as well for order.
            03. Book Lab Orders
            Users can find all the diagnostic centers in their area and book all types of Lab orders, check out different plans and offers, also users can avail service at home feature as well, via that technician will come at home to collect samples for Lab tests.
            04. Find Blood Bank Centers
            Users can find the nearby Blood Bank in the city, users just need to search and Kayawell provide the list of all nearby Blood Bank.

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            05. Find Pet Care Centers
            Users can find the nearby Pet care in the city, users just need to search and Kayawell provide the list of all nearby Pet care, Users can book appointment online, check out different plans and offers.
            06. Find Near By Hospitals
            Users can find all nearby diagnostic centers and book all types of Lab orders, also users can avail service at home feature as well, via that technician will come at home to collect samples for Lab tests.
            07. Find Insurance Policies
            Kayawell Health Provider Portal offers web-based secured access to healthcare information, including claims, authorizations & benefits. And, it does so in a secure manner which protects the Member’s Information.
            08. Find Spa And Salon
            Users can find the nearby Spa and Salons in the city, users just need to search and Kayawell provide the list of all nearby Spas and Salons, Users can book appointment online, check out different plans and offers.

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            Other Healthcare Services
            • Find Nearby Care Centers
            • Special Condition-based Services
            • Pre/Post Care Services
            • Find All Healthcare Events, Camps, Marathons and Buy Tickets/Passes Online.
            • Second Opinion Option
            • Post report consultation
            • Healthcare Tips and News
            • Advertisements
            • Forum


            01. Benefits for Healthcare Expert/Clinic/Practice
            (I) Effective Patient Care Management:
            using Kayawell, Experts can reach out to maximum members and manage their appointment, health records and treatments.
            (II) Complete Practice Management:
            using KayaWell Experts can manage different branches, staffs, services and plans-pricing according to the location and many more.
            (III) Enhanced Patient Management:
            It is an effective system to manage patient activities through medical records, order and member lists etc.

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            (IV) Online Appointment and Payment:
            Now the appointment system becomes very easy to avail and also having option of both online and offline payments including EMI’s also to ease the process.
            (V) Best and Different Ways for Campaigns:
            There are many unique ways available in Kayawell for your profile or practice’s advertisement and campaign’s for the targeted customers.
            (VI) Smart Queue Management:
            We implement a Smart Queue Management that never exists before for minimizing the appointment slots wastage and clashes.
            (VII) Free of Cost:
            Moreover it’s Free of cost. You can take the free membership plan and can do almost every basic task with that.
            (VIII) Diagnostic Center:
            with our online lab and diagnostic service, you need not bother of delayed customer satisfaction issues. We can set up all possible lab tests and different type of diagnostic centers in your city to increase your reach to the maximum.
            (X) Wellness Plan:
            Expert can create a perfect package or plans for the treatment related to different conditions and solutions to provide best option to cure and to attract the concern members.
            (XI) Vaccination:
            All type of vaccination can be managed over here very easily with their ranges, prices and solutions. You have the option to choose home service or not and more features at your ease to maintain your vaccine service and to help the needed one.

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            02. Benefits for Pharmacist

            (I) Effective Pharmacy Management:
            Through Kayawell you can connect to unlimited buyers over large area and can manage products, stocks, prices and orders very easily and effectively at minimum cost.
            (II) Best order, Store & Inventory Management:
            A best and easy to go way for managing your product stocks, prices and orders with a lot of other features to make the system familiar and useful for you.
            (III) Different Ways for Selling and Advertising:
            There are many unique ways available in Kayawell for your profile and product’s advertisement for each and every customer.
            (IV) Shipment and Delivery:
            A better way of delivering your products with minimum damage or any type of loss over large no. of areas including thousands of pin codes even in rural areas.
            (V) Wellness Plan & Combo Packages:
            Vendors can create a perfect package or plan related to different conditions, solutions and services for attracting the concern targeted customers.
            (VI) Secure Payment:
            We have secure payment method on which you can rely completely and be ensure that your money won’t be lost and will be available for you at every time.
            03. Benefits for Diagnostic Centers

            (I) Effective Diagnosis Management:
            Through Kayawell you can easily manage large group of patients, their tests, results and reports and can provide maximum customer satisfaction and can create a perfect package or plan related to similar tests, conditions and solutions.
            (II) Test Management:
            A best and easy to go way for managing your tests and their prices along with the required perquisites and sub-tests.
            (III) Advertising / Promotion:
            There are many unique ways available in KayaWell for your profile and your test plans advertisement at different- different level for targeted members.
            (IV) Wellness Plan & Combo Packages:
            Vendors can create a perfect package or plan related to different conditions, solutions and services for attracting the concern targeted customers.
            (V) Secure Payment:
            We have secure payment method on which you can rely completely and be ensure that your money won’t be lost and will be available for you at every time.

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            • For experts from other system or those who are still relying on the paper work can easily Integrate/Merge their old Users with this system.
            • Experts can get their business to the next level using Wellness Plans, Offers, Events Communities and News.
            • Experts can also promote their business using Bulk SMS, Bulk Emails, Offers and Advertisements etc.
            • Detailed knowledge of any Disease, their symptoms, cures, description etc. easily through our Health condition based solution Articles, Blog, Videos, Wiki and Forums.
            • Order Medicine Online with great price and an authenticated prescription.
            • You will get Audio/Video Consultation facility as a Telemedicine system.
            • For easy to reach we have solutions with all device formats including Web App, Desktop App and Mobile Apps (IOS, Android).
            • There is Blood Bank and Organ Donation Facility available also.
            • The most effective thing is Transparency and Confidence that comes from making a direct communication between Member & Experts and that’s what we are doing from this application.

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            Wearable Devices App Development Services | India | USA | UAE

            One Stop Solution For Next Generation Device Technology!

            Are you fascinated by latest wearable devices disclosed in the market? Whatever transitions found in the wearable technology, the core conclusion leads to the point that wearable devices are going to be the next trendsetters of device technology and mobile usability. 

            DO YOU KNOW THAT: Apple opens Health Records API to developers

            Witnessing the innovations in Apple iWatch and Microsoft Hololens, industry targets to bring more innovative trends in the devices. With an innumerable number of Android wearable devices available in the market, it won’t be an overstatement to say that wearable devices connected with mobile technology will be the next generation development strategy. 

            So, do you want to cope up with the advanced technology and changing consumer demands? If yes, wearable app development is what you must go with. DreamSoft4u consist of professional wearable app developers who builds a supreme quality wearable app on all native platforms. From customer-centrist wearable solutions that improve user engagement till cutting-edge enterprise solutions that brings down cost and improves productivity – We as one of the leading wearable app development companies comprehends everything. 

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            Get Next Generation Wearable App Developed With DreamSoft4u!

            We at DreamSoft4u believes in moving forward with the latest trends and technology. In order to keep up with the upcoming market trends and increasing consumer demands, we jumped into the service of providing wearable app development on Android and iOS platforms. 
            Right from the strategy, design, development till deployment, DreamSoft4u is your trusted partner for the best wearable app development. Our wearable app development solutions range from creating a smart and intuitive application for wearable devices till solutions that integrate with a wide range of sensors; empowering mobility on a large scale.
            Our Wearable App Development Services:

            • Custom Wearable App Development
            • Android Wearable App Development
            • iOS Wearable App Development
            • Wearable App UI/Ux Development
            • Upgrading Existing Android/iOS App To Make It Compatible With Wearable Devices

            Why Choose DreamSoft4u As Your Wearable App Development Partner?
            1. Early Adoption:
            We believe in being updated with the trends that helped us to build innovative wearable applications since inception.
            2. Domain Expertise:
            We house a team of 5+ wearable app developers who deployed 30+ wearable applications on various niches and domains.
            3. Upgradation:
            Having experience of upgrading several business and enterprise apps, you can trust us to upgrade your existing app to wearable compatible app in most innovative and cost-effective way.
            4. On Time, In Budget:
            We understand the importance of our client’s time and so we ensure to deliver the best quality application in cost-effective rates.
            If you are thinking to augment your business horizons and want to invest in trending technology, drop us your requirements and we will get back to you soon. Contact us now.

            We can help you design, develop and deploy applications that cater to different wearable platforms including Android and iOS, creating business applications or custom-made apps based on your idea and providing you complete support from the start to finish. Apart from wearable app development, We also offer the Best Offshore Software Development services at efficient prices.

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