‘5’ Google Advertising Tactics To Increase ROI in 2019!

Google developed an online advertising platform, known as Google Ads, for promoting business in the market. This platform enables businesses to create and run ads across the web, making them discoverable to their customers when they are looking for specific product and services. It runs on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, where the owners have to pay every time a visitor clicks on the ad. These ads are related to service offerings, product listings, video content, and mobile applications.
By running ads through Google Ads, the advertisers can generate more leads and revenue of a business. But the proper and right tactics and strategies are necessary for this. These tactics include ad extensions, bid strategy, geotargeting, etc. With the help of these proper actions and a little more investment at the right time, the advertising agencies of Riyadh will help to attract more customers, make more sales and increase the ROI of his/her business.

Here we will explain these tactics in details: 

1. Optimize Ad Extensions 
2. Negative Keywords 
3. Bid Strategy 
4. Geotargeting 
5. Call Only Campaigns

Optimize Ad Extensions 

By implementing and optimizing the ad extensions, it will provide an immediate impact on increasing the ROI. An ad extension will attract the attention of customers when they find relevant and useful information. Make use of those words that can easily drive the customers to your page and services. These ad extensions include the information like telephone numbers, additional links from your website, seller reviews.  
Enable those extensions that make sense for your business because extensions make the ads more useful and engaging to users, which allow them to click on your ad. It is necessary to make your extensions as relevant and high quality as possible as they are based on previous performance, user context, and the available space. It is also recommended that add at least 4 site link extensions per ad group. The more targeted you get, the better your ad rank and higher will be ROI.

Stuff Negative Keywords 

Negative keywords help to determine, what to approach and what to not. These keywords help you to focus on those keywords that matter to customers. It also helps to exclude search terms in your campaign, which are irrelevant or not needed to be shown to your customers. In addition, add negative keywords to Search and Display Network campaigns in order to avoid targeting sites that contain those terms. By correctly implementing the negative keywords, you will save you money, increase the relevancy of your audience and improve your click-through rates. 
The examples of negative keywords are free, sale, cheap, and more. The better targeting will put your ad in front of interested users, which, in turn, will increase the return on investment (ROI). When generating ads, review the list of keywords associated with the campaign and eliminate irrelevant or too-broad keywords and mark them as negative keywords.  

Adopt a Right Bid Strategy 

A right bid strategy stated that choose those keywords that are highly competitive but have low price. In a competitive industry, having stronger bids will put your ads at first and in front of interested customers. Google Ads offers different types of strategies in different campaigns. It all depends on which networks your campaign is targeting, and whether you want to focus on getting clicks, impressions, conversions, or views. 
You can edit your bid for individual keywords and for an entire ad group. Editing your bids depend on how your campaign influence the amount of traffic your ads receive and the total return-on-investment (ROI) you generate. By identifying the ads, you can raise the amount to rank your advertisement on first page. Once you land on the first page, you can improve the quality score.


Geo-targeting uses the visitors’ IP, GPS and Wi-Fi data to find their ideal locations. It includes country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code, organization, IP address, ISP or other criteria. You can also use the local area ad extensions to maximize visibility. 
In order to target a particular geographical location, you can also exclude areas you do not want to target in your campaign. It determines the geolocation of a visitor and delivers different content to that visitor based on their location.

Call Only Campaigns 

By adding the call only extensions on ads will definitely benefit you with quick inquiries and sales opportunities. This is useful for service-based businesses. It will allow your customers to make a direct call for asking any query.  


The advertising agencies of Saudi Arabia have highly-skilled professionals who can successfully generate the Google Ads campaigns for your site to increase sales. Once you adopt these tactics, your business will effectively generate high sales, plus return-on-investment (ROI). In order to optimize the campaigns, every business needs clicks. Therefore, create a campaign on Google Ads and optimize your CTR and improve your click-through rate. 

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